Finding the right sales personnel for a particular assignment can be difficult even if you know the type of person you want. Even the best business development recruiters can be taxed in discovering which particular person is best suited for the job.

However, there are simple tips and information that a business development recruiter can use to distinguish a real sales dynamo from someone who is just “all-show and no-go”. There are basic mistakes, as sales recruiters, that can be avoided when interviewing and hiring that potential sales person.

Not all Sales People are Extroverted

One of the most nagging myths in the sales profession is that a good sales person is by nature an outgoing, extroverted type.

While many sales people are rather outgoing, putting on a positive, friendly face for potential clients or customers are just as important. Enthusiasm and energy are good qualities, but knowledge and persistence are also vital to making a successful sales person. Utilizing behavioral based sales questioning can help you find out if they are “blowing smoke” or have the real talent to fill the needs of your customers.

Too Much Emphasis on Sales Experience

The type of experience can be important, but we believe less so in sales. Just because they have experience in your market, doesn’t mean it’s the right type of experience for your needs. Knowing your marketplace, does not mean they can sell your product in that marketplace.

Don’t focus on getting a salesperson’s book of business. If that’s the case, think about acquiring the company, rather than hiring their employees. Before they sold widgets, they had no experience in it and yet they still succeeded.

Instead focus on the candidates sales cycles, price points, level of customer they’re selling to (B or C level, Office Managers, etc.) and the hunger to learn. You may find your top sales person from someone selling in a completely different industry!

Not Understanding “Sales Quotas” in their Previous Employment

One of the most common references sales people make when interviewing is how they met their sales quotas at their last place of employment.  However, you need to find out the circumstances of how they met their quotas.  Were the quotas set so low that anyone could hit their numbers?  Ask about rankings on their team and how they are calculated.  Ask them a successful sale and describe it from beginning to end.  You may find out a considerable amount of information to help you on your hiring decision

Utilize our Services When Recruiting Sales People

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